3h Online Tutorial: Dermatology in Chinese Medicine - A Clinical Overview


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It is estimated that skin diseases account for between 20-25% of all cases seen by doctors worldwide, yet many patients continue to suffer without sustainable solutions offered to them. This three hour overview of Chinese Medicine Dermatology, divided into 4 parts, demonstrates the power and undoubted benefits of Chinese Medicine, when properly applied.

It outlines the essential concepts of Chinese medicine dermatological  treatment principles in a practical and approachable way. Illustrated throughout with hundreds of photographic slides, it presents the fundamentals that are needed to navigate this important subject.

This webinar is directed at beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Anyone at the outset of their clinical work or hoping to specialise will be set on the right path, and gain a solid entry to the fundamentals; those with a lot of experience, even with many years of clinical work under their belt, will find invaluable nuggets derived from over 40 years of Mazin's experience, presented in his inimitable style,  that will bring their practice alive and instantly transform treatment outcomes.

Three brand new case histories of Psoriasis are presented, firstly to outline general principles of the TCM dermatological approach, and then to describe in great detail principles of pattern diagnosis, treatment plan and progress, as well as formula construction and adjustments all the way to the successful conclusion of the case.

Mazin has successfully taught thousands of students worldwide, with many attending his courses repeatedly, as their familiarity with the topic increases, they glean new insights from deeper understanding, which translates directly into their clinical work and helps them to change their patients life's.

Some comments of past students:

“This was possibly the most valuable seminar I have attended to date. A million times thank you!”

"You deserve your place as guest of honour at the top table in China.”

“Mazin’s dermatology seminar was invaluable for my clinical practice…”

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